February 01, 2010

If I was a flower growing wild and free, all I'd want is you to be my sweet honey bee..(such a cute song!)

If there was more time in the day and I spent less time on this blasted computer I may have gotten those guitar set pics a little earlier, lol.... we are still working on getting them done though, they will just have to wait until after dinner.

My Candy Apple set is headed to my model tomorrow, and will be listed with the Serendipity Boutique Eye Candy launch which starts on March 1st..... I of course will give you all full peeks at the entire set and you can order before I list it (which saves us both from unnecessary fees btw!)
Think, pink, green, flowers, tulle, spring, summer, and candied apples! oh, and bunches of ruffles and trims!!
Want some pics? Here ya go!
And I will try to get those guitar set pics posted here and on facebook as soon as the world cooperates with my schedule (or lack of one!) ;) Enjoy!



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