February 27, 2009

OOAK sets up on Ebay.

Newly listed for the 3 day auction!
Ebay auctions here

and don't forget about all the sets available for Customs...
Etsy Customs here

Keep an eye out for a new Disney set soon. It will only be available for purchase here on my blog! As I only have patience to make one more ;) ...... maybe 2.

February 25, 2009

OMG!!! I love this!! Edward and Bella TWILIGHT

Check out ArtoftheCraftStudios ebay auction...
I absolutely love this.... but I'd end up hanging it on my wall, lol.

Check it out, copy and paste this link!


Tween2Teen Boutique (T2TB) is having a Twilight launch on March 21st, so search t2tb on ebay for unique and one of kind items related to Edward, Bella, and Twilight in general!!! Also the day the dvd comes out too, though you so know the books are better ;)
And of course I'll be making something for this launch! I'll keep you posted!

February 23, 2009

Treasury West feature favorite :)


SPECIAL ~ $15 each premade sets

All 5 of these are $15 each!!! Grab them now, I don't want to list them. I'd rather offer them up to you all first for a cheaper price.
All newly made and ready to ship!
Butterfly Dress ~ Size 4t / 5t / 6
Chest = 26"
Length = 24"

Green flower set ~ Size 4/5
Waist = 21"
Skirt Length = 13"

Sweet pink set ~ Size 2t
Waist = 19"
Skirt Length = 10"

Heart capri set ~ Size 24 mo. / 2t

Fruity halter capri set ~ Size 4
Chest = 22"
Top Length (chest to hem)= 13"

Email me if interested!

February 22, 2009

OOAK resell Flower skirt set

I'm not relisting this again, so if anyone is interested, it's up for grabs. First $15 gets it!
Size 3T, ready to ship out!! All new, never washed or worn.

Want it, email me

February 20, 2009

Be in the Know!!!!

Want to know when new items are listed, or when I'm having a sale, or offering a discount?? Or when my group BWILD (Boutique Wild Child) is launching?
If so, please join my mailing list...
See sign up on the left side of this blog! ----->
Be informed and catch a deal before anyone else!!!

I'll be adding a photo gallery on here soon, along with more new add-ons!

February 19, 2009

Free givaways on the BWILD blog


Check it out!!!

~~ Join the BWILD blog ~~

http://boutique-wild-child-bwild. blogspot. com/
Here you'll find awesome giveaways, deals, discounts, and new items!!! All from the spectacular BWILD girls!!!

and if your looking for some totally cool fabrics and notions at WHOLESALE prices, check out ...
http://www. crackerjackshack. com/
There's a big sale going on right now.....

I hope that you bookmark these sites and/or favorite them, along with checking back often, you never know when something wonderful will captivate you or a hidden treasure will be found! Heck, you might even win something for FREE, lol.

But in order to do that you have to comment and 'Follow the blog' *hint hint, wink wink*

Don't say I didn't warn you!!! Wouldn't want you to miss out on something FREE....or not know when a secret $0.99 custom auction is listed.... *wink* :D
Keep checking back here as well.....never know when I might let a secret slip out, lol.

And my Myspace store is finally up and running so stop by there if you'd like. I just listed some more items. And yes, the $10 off ends tonight!!! This is good for any custom no matter where it's listed!!!

February 18, 2009

Discount Custom coupon SAVE $$

First off, let me say my myspace store isn't working yet, due to a waiting period...drat! But hopefully soon.
Otherwise I have tons listed on ETSY if you want to stop by and take a lookie!!
And if you are one of the lucky ones to stop by here and read my blog I'll give you $10 off any purchase from NOW until Thursday evening!!!
Just mention you saw this advertisement here and I'll discount you $10, no matter what you buy!
See, isn't it fun discovering new ways to save money ;)

Also, I'll be listing a new set tonight sometime, so keep a look out!!

February 15, 2009

New store on Myspace!

Check out my new store on my myspace. It's called the Marketplace.
I have a few things listed on here you won't find anywhere else for a limited time. I hope to list new items on here daily since it is FREE, no fees or anything, hooray!!!
Recommend my store and share it with all your friends on there and earn discounts!
*** www.myspace.com/shadowdragondreams ***


I think this is the right place??? ....if not go to my profile, its on there :)
My Myspace link to your left ----->>>

New Disney Customs listed

Check out my Ebay auctions for these great sets....and don't forget to browse my Etsy auctions as well for additional custom spring sets....my listing links are to your left under 'Amazing places for more'
Wnat an automatic $10 savings...buy it direct from me... landofjas@yahoo.com

Custom Scooby Doo set


Custom Minnie Mouse set


Custom Cinderella painter halter set


Applique Ariel, print capris w/ fish appl.


Custom Shrek twirl set


Snow White applique painted capri set


Custom handpainted Rockin' Spongebob set


Easter egg applique twirl set


Hope to list more later in the week, just depends how much I sell ;)

February 10, 2009

Customs listed on Etsy

A few customs are available on etsy, and if I have time I'll be adding more tomorrow and throughout the week!


See a few you like, but are on a budget? Feel free to contact me, I give discounts for multiple purchases and free shipping. And buying direct will also cut your costs! Who likes paying extra for listing fees, not me!!!

Soon I will be listing all those Disney sets, but not until my schedule is cleared up. I like to get everyone's customs done in a relatively short amount of time and would feel bad if I made you wait too long!
Email me if you want sneak peeks! landofjas@yahoo.com

February 08, 2009

Custom Boutique Disney sets

Alright! Here's what's going down....
First off I have approximately 30 Character outfits I am prepared to list. These include many Disney characters, along with a few popular cartoon characters as well. Some of them I have listed previously over the last 2 years, and some I haven't listed at all before.
Of course these will be all custom and you can choose whether or not you want any changes or additional details. I'm pretty flexible.
I will be posting pictures sparatically, as I couldn't fit all 30 sets on here, but if you are interested in knowing what will be available, feel free to send me an email letting me know you want pics and I'll send them to you that way.
All requests for customs from email or this blog get them at the lowest possible price. They will all automatically be at least $10 more when I list them on ebay or etsy to cover those insane seller fees! Not to mention time, effort, listing fees, or in etsy's case not enough people finding what I'm selling.

Also, I have an additional 15 or so sets for spring/summer that will be customs as well. Most are previous designs that sold the best, and a few that were customer requests that you have never seen before. I will be posting pictures of a few of them as well.

Please check back often! I will post when everything will be listed beforehand. Share this blog with your friends and family and help them get a great custom boutique outfit at an economical price!!

February 06, 2009

You snooze, you lose!

Just listed!






More OOAK's!!!

Check them out! Listing all 6 of these tonight! Grab them now if you want them!
And because I appreciate you, anyone who asks for one before its listed gets it for $10!!!!!!! Tell your friends...join my blog and mailing list for great deals and steals!!!

These 3 halter sets are size 3T....




New OOAK's

3 ready to go!! $20 each if you grab them before I list them! Let me know asap!

Flower Fiesta- Size 3T


Princess Rock- Size 4/5


Retro Rhumba- Size 4/5


Have more on the way, check back tonight!

February 01, 2009

Last Hello Kitty set just listed!


Premade size 4/5

Up for grabs here >>>> http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=170299292727

Starting at $9.99!!!!!