July 22, 2011

It's almost time!

Just a few more tops, just a few more tops.
This is what I keep telling myself in anticipation of launching our "Under the Moon" fall line.
August 1st is the day! I will have 10 sets available as both customs and have the sample sets available on a first come first serve basis, so be sure to pop in then!
.This line is adorned with owls....and moons...and I may offer up some past designs to include as special limited customs. And yeah, we'll stick with the owls ;)


"Escape to Fairyland" will be launching soon after when it is completed and will have customs, ooaks, and sample sets available. This line revolves around Michael Miller knit prints and denim. Fairies too of course!
Hoping to have this line ready on or before the 15th.

Remember our awesome Super OOAK Custom Sale....I'm wanting to fit one of those in for August as well, so you all can snag some very affordable designs just before school begins! How great is it to get some amazing ShadowDragon Dreams designs for an excellent first day of school!
This sale will be with my summer fabric stash that I either never had time to get to or leftovers from my past designs that I'm not planning on using for Halloween or Christmas.
But I am pretty sure there will be some gorgeous prints you will love to have something made with! I will keep the facebook page posted on when I can fit this sale in.

Halloween will be short and sweet, as for some reason, these fabric companies are lacking in the Halloween creative print design. I do have a few sets planned, but other than the sample sale, customs will be limited. I will be accepting any custom orders though for sets or costumes. Please get your requests to me before the end of Sept. ~ landofjas@yahoo.com

Now, let's mention October...we LOVE October! Because October means the party will be starting for the Holiday Bash!
Tons Tons Tons planned for you all!
I haven't even started on them yet like I've been wanting to, except for drawing them out, lol. But I will have them ready to launch October 1st or very close to it! I am planning at least 3 lines for Christmas, BUT I'd rather launch them all together so you can choose what you want then, and I won't have to worry about fabric shortages later on in the year.
Yes, we will have GRINCH designs! Heck yeah! We will have gingerbread men and candy! We will have stockings and trees too!
AND.... if the world is kind to me, I would love to invite you all to the ShadowDragon Dreams 2011 Holiday Ball.
Think DISNEY. Think PRINCESSES. Think PIXAR and DREAMWORKS. Think anything that revolves around a huge party where all the amazing children's characters would attend.
This totally depends on my time availability to get these items made...and depending on that one thing, it will determine whether these items will be OOAK only, or limited custom sets....or unlimited. I can't do everything in a timely manner when I have 30 orders pending, but I will most certainly try my best! Because you all are the BEST CUSTOMERS IN THE WORLD!

Oh...and when my page reaches 600 fans, we are so going to have a giveaway, because nothing makes me happier than sharing my gifts with you :)

Oh...and I will be having a secret raffle in the month of November.... :) stay tuned, info will only be found here on my blog.







July 17, 2011

News from the underground!

I spent the last week working on 24 skirts! Whoo! And I got them completed in a timely manner too btw!
A lot sooner than I thought, but believe me, when I was making them I wasn't such a happy person, lol.
But alas, they are finished and will be shipping out in a big 10lb box tomorrow.
Good news, because today I spent a few hours putting together a few more "Under the Moon" items!!
Which includes a denim skirt with tulle, a patchwork skirt, and an adorable dress!!!
Love them all and I hope you will too! Can't wait till launch day to share them all with you guys!

I do still have a few tops to make to match those skirts, and due to my incredibly talented helper, all of them are made and ready for me!! I'm so happy!!
Of course, me being a extremely busy person, I didn't get a chance to pick up the shirts yet, but I will this week for sure, and I will have them all finished by next weekend! (I hope!)

Now I am expecting another box in the mail tomorrow that is holding my other extremely large order that I need to fill, but I am pretty sure there will be a way to complete my own design line AND my new 'job'. It'll all work out.
Though I am 100% sure it will not be a wonderful expedition until it's all finished :) then we can enjoy the work since it'll be done, haha.

Be sure to stop by my Facebook Page HERE to see some of the "Under the Moon" sneak peeks!! And of course, I will launch this line on Facebook prior to listing on Etsy, because if I sell out, I want my most excellent customers to get first dibs :)

We launch "Under the Moon" in August!! ~ and our 2nd line "Escape to Fairyland" will be launching just after.~ Then just after that is Halloween and one of our fun Super Custom OOAK Sales!!! AND hopefully starting September 1st is our holiday line up!!! I have tons planned for you all!!! :)

Have a great week!! I'll be busy sewing!

July 07, 2011

Monday...Here I come!

That is the day we start work on our "Under the Moon" fall line.
Glorious Monday.
We shall have fun with it and create some unique sets!
Some will be OOAK only and some will be available for LIMITED customs.
And of course I will be sharing some awesome preview sneak peeks too!! What fun would it be if I couldn't mess with my most excellent fans :)
So sneak peeks, OOAKs, Customs, ....maybe some super sale snag and grab deals, and maybe,...just maybe we can throw in a fun giveaway to ramp up some energy!Because we all know that is fun to just win stuff for FREE!!!
And I love giving it away too! Yippee!

So "Under the Moon" will be in the works starting Monday (which is also the same time we start back up our homeschool again too) and...well, the same day I go off to Roller Derby practice (for the second time, lol) That calls for a very busy Monday, but we will make it work!
Wish me luck!

Now for other news... once the first line is done, I'm hoping to get our second fall line "Escape to Fairyland" underway. Of course I still need to design some cute fairy appliques, but we shall get there. This line will be samples and customs only. I really want to use up the knits I have and this line will work perfect for what I have on hand. But I can only make what I have fabric for, so there may be a limit on customs. I'll keep you all updated.

And I get to make a handful of skirts for another great boutique, which should keep me from getting into trouble by shopping for more fabric!!
By the end of the month though, Halloween will be in process. OOAK's galore and a few customs. Then if I ever see the light of day again from underneath those launches Holiday designs begin....and frankly will never end until Thanksgiving...maybe. But most likely I'll be non-stop until the 2nd week of December. But that is OK....because I'm going to buy a new dslr camera set for my Christmas present....cause next year, I'm going to be a photographer too. Got to add that to my life's resume.

Want a peek of my "Under the Moon" fabrics??
Of course you do....