October 23, 2015

New doorways take you out of the old room....

Good evening!
no wait...it may not be evening when you read this....
Hello everyone!
that's a bit cliche....ugh
yeah whatever...

So I have totally failed at updating this blog page...but I seriously forgot about it and never had feedback from it to give it my time of day.  Latest updates are here ---> www.facebook.com/ShadowDragon-Dreams
Well....so let's at least tell you on where we are now.
It's October 23rd 2015
I've been running ShadowDragon Dreams for so many years now I lost count....possibly 10 ...11 ?
It doesn't matter.
I've made it to a place now that is different.
After about 6 or 7 years of not having orders lined up waiting for me to work on them....I am now currently caught up on everything and have ZERO pending orders.
This is unique....like I'm at the end of my job.
I've moved from where I started ($20-50sets) up to ($50-250sets) and I've made it to the point of being satisfied that I took this business from nothing but a grand idea that kept me awake all night to something that allowed every ounce of creative love to overflow and ....eventually run out.
I am so happy that my customers allowed me to become a part of your life and your child's life. I'm honored that I've helped make some wonderful memories for each of your families. Not only at Disney, but for every odd and end journey that your child insisted on wearing their favorite ShadowDragon Dreams outfit!
I've been thinking here and there about offering pre-made one of a kind items, but tonight as I stared into my cabinet of fabric.....I didn't get inspired.
I dug through my filing cabinet for some appliques I might want to create into something....and I that old spark wasn't relit.
I browsed google images.....I glanced over old designs of my own.....and even though I feel they are cute and adorable and some of my best work....I didn't want to recreate them, or even create something new based on them.
I believe now I'm ready to move forward into other areas, somewhere where I can feel the fire.
I don't want to create something I don't love, and I certainly don't want you to take a piece of that into your home.....
therefore, and without any hesitation or sadness...I want to say thank you, and .... I will be stepping away from the custom boutique world of children's clothing.
I know it will still be hard for me to say 'no' to any customers who were waiting for a spot this year (or next), but I have to move on. I'm not sad, I'm not afraid, and I'm excited to begin again....onto...who knows what :)

I have already opened a fabric shop ---> www.etsy.com/shop/thehobopatch  &
 (and quite frankly and still learning the ropes on marketing such)

I still do my photography --->  www.facebook.com/JCMidKnightPhotography
 (which I also have changed into only doing the type of photog I like to do!)

and I doggy sit on dagvacay.com

but hey....I'm a pirate now....and I can do what I want. Arrrrgh!

Love you guys, that you for helping put food on the table, gas in the car, karate lessons for my kids, and making ends meet for all these years. <3 p="">Blessings! I'll be around, I just don't know where exactly :)