April 29, 2009

New listings up...plus a bonus!

Check them out HERE ....all buy it now with free shipping!

And..... because I haven't sewed all week long and I'm going insane with the bad economy.... everyone who's following this blog gets a deal....

All followers who buy 3 sets between now and the end of May get one entire set FREE!!!
Yep, that's right...FREE...but you have to be a follower ;)

Also because I'm really nice.... If anyone buys my book (HERE) ...you'll get $5 off any purchase ;) or you can order it straight from me (and get it signed!) and get $5 off also.....this deal is open to anyone, follower or not.

On another note....I'm fixing to use up my entire stash of fabrics all on one of a kind sets (except for the fabrics I can't bring myself to cut into!).... so if you are wanting anything that doesn't require me to ge shopping, now is the time to ask before I use it all up (especially out of print fabrics!).
Or if you want to nab some of those sets before I list them, you'll need to check in here often. I will post pics before I list and they will be cheaper here than after I list them, but there will only be a day or two from when I post to when I list. I am impatient and don't have time to hang on to things to save you money, if you want one, grab it. If you miss out, tough.
Some will only be $10!!!

April 19, 2009

We have our winners!!!!

Good Morning!
We have 3 lucky winners out of 27 entries!
Sorry I didn't get to draw yesterday as I never made it home until 11pm. I was seriously tired and figured if I drew names in the morning I would be happier and therefore nicer, and hence I might be able to offer a limited time deal to everyone who's name I didn't draw ;)

So here we go....drumroll please......
GRAND PRIZE WINNER is.... "Mami Girl Boutique". She wins a custom appliqued tee and a matching skirt or accessorie!

2nd and 3rd place prizes go to.... "Kendall" and "Creative Works by Ann". They win a custom appliqued tee.
Everyone else.... can get a once in a lifetime deal of a $10 custom tee (appliqued or handpainted). They usually run $20, so that's 50% off. This offer only lasts until Wednesday the 22nd!!!

Winners---- please contact me if I don't contact you first! Congratulations!!




April 17, 2009

Tomorrow's the BIG DAY!!!!

HoW ExCiTiNg!!
Just 1 more day until we get to draw names!
I can't really say when I'll be listing the winner(s) as we are taking the kids to see the dragonboat races tomorrow, but it should be before midnight ;)
I will post the winner(s) here along with sending out an email to the them (assuming they left a way for contact!)
Good luck everyone and I look forward to making you or someone you love a special gift!


April 10, 2009

Another round of customs!

I have a few more listings up on ebay...Check them out HERE

Including Princess, punk skulls ;) , Twilight, Dumbo, and 2 ooak sample sets starting at $9.99.


If you missed the Spongebob set, I may have enough for one more custom set, email me landofjas@yahoo.com if you want to snag it for $45

Just 8 more days until the drawing!.....Want to earn more entries? Share my listings and send me the link where they are posted, I'll add your name twice or more depending how much you share ;)
Good Luck everyone!

April 02, 2009

Custom listings ~ A slowly dying breed

A few new ebay listings are up. Check the out HERE!
Including a Custom Disney Princess set, Custom kitty gaucho, and Custom Spongebob


16 more days until the giveaway! Tell your friends to sign up to win a custom tee. Or don't, so you have a better chance of winning! I'm rotten, ain't I? LOL!