October 11, 2011


I dislike leftovers....and I just posted a leftover sale on facebook.......so go buy stuff, it's cheap and if you are smart you will ask for a freebie too because I want this stuff out of my house, and I will most likely just fill up your package with stuff I need gone. So ask away ;)

On another note for those of you who read my blog (even though I rarely update it or take the time and energy to actually post pics (it's a hassle!!)) I will inform you that those who made purchases in September and October will be put into a giveaway drawing for holiday freebies!!!!

Oh, and don;t forget about that secret Holiday Ball I am still considering ;) ..... my bestest customers (meaning those that buy stuff or pop up to say hello, or in general I can easily recognize your name on facebook and know what size your kids are, lol) you guys will be in for a treat, as I will have a special drawing for you wonderful fabulous buddies o'mine!!! If I have the time, you should be getting a secret invitation in either your email or facebook messages for details around the first of November. But I will only have 5 slots open at first. Details will be in that email, so if you see an awesome title that involves ShadowDragon Dreams...read it don;t delete it :). there will be a bunch of awesomeness in it ;)

October 04, 2011

Fall and Turkeys and a Ball!

Been awhile since my last update...
My new Fall and Thanksgiving items are posted on facebook, better go grab them quick!
Link is on the right somewhere.

I have over 65 Holiday Christmas items already made, but need to get the tops done for them, lol!! Trying to hire help, but alas!!! Where oh where are the artists?? Tis hard to find applique help!

Oh, btw, I am taking entries for my holiday giveaway!!!
How do I enter, you ask?
By buying something in September or October silly!!!
Each paid for item gets you an entry, and you get double entries for anything over $40...triple entries for over $50 and you get into a special drawing for anything over $100

So get in those entries, I want to have a giveaway!!!