October 11, 2011


I dislike leftovers....and I just posted a leftover sale on facebook.......so go buy stuff, it's cheap and if you are smart you will ask for a freebie too because I want this stuff out of my house, and I will most likely just fill up your package with stuff I need gone. So ask away ;)

On another note for those of you who read my blog (even though I rarely update it or take the time and energy to actually post pics (it's a hassle!!)) I will inform you that those who made purchases in September and October will be put into a giveaway drawing for holiday freebies!!!!

Oh, and don;t forget about that secret Holiday Ball I am still considering ;) ..... my bestest customers (meaning those that buy stuff or pop up to say hello, or in general I can easily recognize your name on facebook and know what size your kids are, lol) you guys will be in for a treat, as I will have a special drawing for you wonderful fabulous buddies o'mine!!! If I have the time, you should be getting a secret invitation in either your email or facebook messages for details around the first of November. But I will only have 5 slots open at first. Details will be in that email, so if you see an awesome title that involves ShadowDragon Dreams...read it don;t delete it :). there will be a bunch of awesomeness in it ;)

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