April 29, 2009

New listings up...plus a bonus!

Check them out HERE ....all buy it now with free shipping!

And..... because I haven't sewed all week long and I'm going insane with the bad economy.... everyone who's following this blog gets a deal....

All followers who buy 3 sets between now and the end of May get one entire set FREE!!!
Yep, that's right...FREE...but you have to be a follower ;)

Also because I'm really nice.... If anyone buys my book (HERE) ...you'll get $5 off any purchase ;) or you can order it straight from me (and get it signed!) and get $5 off also.....this deal is open to anyone, follower or not.

On another note....I'm fixing to use up my entire stash of fabrics all on one of a kind sets (except for the fabrics I can't bring myself to cut into!).... so if you are wanting anything that doesn't require me to ge shopping, now is the time to ask before I use it all up (especially out of print fabrics!).
Or if you want to nab some of those sets before I list them, you'll need to check in here often. I will post pics before I list and they will be cheaper here than after I list them, but there will only be a day or two from when I post to when I list. I am impatient and don't have time to hang on to things to save you money, if you want one, grab it. If you miss out, tough.
Some will only be $10!!!

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