July 17, 2011

News from the underground!

I spent the last week working on 24 skirts! Whoo! And I got them completed in a timely manner too btw!
A lot sooner than I thought, but believe me, when I was making them I wasn't such a happy person, lol.
But alas, they are finished and will be shipping out in a big 10lb box tomorrow.
Good news, because today I spent a few hours putting together a few more "Under the Moon" items!!
Which includes a denim skirt with tulle, a patchwork skirt, and an adorable dress!!!
Love them all and I hope you will too! Can't wait till launch day to share them all with you guys!

I do still have a few tops to make to match those skirts, and due to my incredibly talented helper, all of them are made and ready for me!! I'm so happy!!
Of course, me being a extremely busy person, I didn't get a chance to pick up the shirts yet, but I will this week for sure, and I will have them all finished by next weekend! (I hope!)

Now I am expecting another box in the mail tomorrow that is holding my other extremely large order that I need to fill, but I am pretty sure there will be a way to complete my own design line AND my new 'job'. It'll all work out.
Though I am 100% sure it will not be a wonderful expedition until it's all finished :) then we can enjoy the work since it'll be done, haha.

Be sure to stop by my Facebook Page HERE to see some of the "Under the Moon" sneak peeks!! And of course, I will launch this line on Facebook prior to listing on Etsy, because if I sell out, I want my most excellent customers to get first dibs :)

We launch "Under the Moon" in August!! ~ and our 2nd line "Escape to Fairyland" will be launching just after.~ Then just after that is Halloween and one of our fun Super Custom OOAK Sales!!! AND hopefully starting September 1st is our holiday line up!!! I have tons planned for you all!!! :)

Have a great week!! I'll be busy sewing!

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