July 07, 2011

Monday...Here I come!

That is the day we start work on our "Under the Moon" fall line.
Glorious Monday.
We shall have fun with it and create some unique sets!
Some will be OOAK only and some will be available for LIMITED customs.
And of course I will be sharing some awesome preview sneak peeks too!! What fun would it be if I couldn't mess with my most excellent fans :)
So sneak peeks, OOAKs, Customs, ....maybe some super sale snag and grab deals, and maybe,...just maybe we can throw in a fun giveaway to ramp up some energy!Because we all know that is fun to just win stuff for FREE!!!
And I love giving it away too! Yippee!

So "Under the Moon" will be in the works starting Monday (which is also the same time we start back up our homeschool again too) and...well, the same day I go off to Roller Derby practice (for the second time, lol) That calls for a very busy Monday, but we will make it work!
Wish me luck!

Now for other news... once the first line is done, I'm hoping to get our second fall line "Escape to Fairyland" underway. Of course I still need to design some cute fairy appliques, but we shall get there. This line will be samples and customs only. I really want to use up the knits I have and this line will work perfect for what I have on hand. But I can only make what I have fabric for, so there may be a limit on customs. I'll keep you all updated.

And I get to make a handful of skirts for another great boutique, which should keep me from getting into trouble by shopping for more fabric!!
By the end of the month though, Halloween will be in process. OOAK's galore and a few customs. Then if I ever see the light of day again from underneath those launches Holiday designs begin....and frankly will never end until Thanksgiving...maybe. But most likely I'll be non-stop until the 2nd week of December. But that is OK....because I'm going to buy a new dslr camera set for my Christmas present....cause next year, I'm going to be a photographer too. Got to add that to my life's resume.

Want a peek of my "Under the Moon" fabrics??
Of course you do....



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