February 25, 2009

OMG!!! I love this!! Edward and Bella TWILIGHT

Check out ArtoftheCraftStudios ebay auction...
I absolutely love this.... but I'd end up hanging it on my wall, lol.

Check it out, copy and paste this link!


Tween2Teen Boutique (T2TB) is having a Twilight launch on March 21st, so search t2tb on ebay for unique and one of kind items related to Edward, Bella, and Twilight in general!!! Also the day the dvd comes out too, though you so know the books are better ;)
And of course I'll be making something for this launch! I'll keep you posted!

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Art Of The Craft Studios said...

omg im sorry I missed this post. Im really very honored to have you actually blog about the purse! Girl, Im impressed by your stuff so this is like...you know... a BIG deal to me!
I guess what Im trying to say is ...Thank you for noticing my work fellow artist...;-)

Big Hug!