February 08, 2009

Custom Boutique Disney sets

Alright! Here's what's going down....
First off I have approximately 30 Character outfits I am prepared to list. These include many Disney characters, along with a few popular cartoon characters as well. Some of them I have listed previously over the last 2 years, and some I haven't listed at all before.
Of course these will be all custom and you can choose whether or not you want any changes or additional details. I'm pretty flexible.
I will be posting pictures sparatically, as I couldn't fit all 30 sets on here, but if you are interested in knowing what will be available, feel free to send me an email letting me know you want pics and I'll send them to you that way.
All requests for customs from email or this blog get them at the lowest possible price. They will all automatically be at least $10 more when I list them on ebay or etsy to cover those insane seller fees! Not to mention time, effort, listing fees, or in etsy's case not enough people finding what I'm selling.

Also, I have an additional 15 or so sets for spring/summer that will be customs as well. Most are previous designs that sold the best, and a few that were customer requests that you have never seen before. I will be posting pictures of a few of them as well.

Please check back often! I will post when everything will be listed beforehand. Share this blog with your friends and family and help them get a great custom boutique outfit at an economical price!!

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