February 10, 2010


Ya know what....fabric shopping really does make you feel better ;)
Especially when the colors are all bright and random with some black and white mixed in somewhere...really all I have to do is go browse on my favorites over there on etsy and I feel better already. :)
But on a down side they don't let you move around the little listings so you can put them next to each other to see how they look together, that's a bummer, and the fact you can't get them listed in order by seller, not date. That would make it easier for me to buy prints from the same seller.
Anywho, now I'm just bummed because I don't have enough money to buy all of them, lol. But I can get over that :) Friday will be here shortly and I'm sure MaterialGal and Eurogirlsboutique will still have what I'm loathing over.... at least they better, lol. Or I will be sad again....

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motherhen1997 said...

Hey,wish there was something I could say to cheer you up....you know we all go through times like these,I am going through one right noe(such a loooong story)I am at home,not working,hubby is busting his butt to make ends meet...but things do get better,and I am always hear if you just need to vent....I am, a good vent person! :O) Cheer up.The sun will come out tomorrow(hear annie singing it??)