February 10, 2010


Ya know what....some days I just feel like giving up, seriously! Just to quit...then after a few days more I'm like "Dude let's go sew something!" Today is one of those days....
There's a few things I wanted to do until I read how impossibly stupid it would be to do them, ya know, things about rules and regulations....things I will not impose on myself or my family. They can stuff it.
Goes right along with the reasons why I homeschool my kids...people are idiots (people in high places who think they can tell you how to run your life or your business...) yeah well, unfortunately for them I will not succumb to their idiotic ways of doing things.....
It's kinda like reading a pattern to make an outfit, after you hack it to pieces and sit there trying to understand why they did it the HARDEST WAY POSSIBLE only to toss it aside and do it your way (which turns out perfectly, btw!) I'm troubled by the fact more than the average amount of the population will sit there and read the instructions for that pattern and do it that way, without thinking for themselves, therefore never realizing that they could've done it quicker, easier, and most likely cheaper if they just used their own common sense.
Ok not all things are like that, but a lot of things are...I'm just saying.
Another example that struck my recently was learning to read sheet music for the violin...whatever way they were doing it was so freakin complicated I thought I was in high school again, sitting in class thinking how obvious it was that was being hindered just by being there.... Well, the whole stupid book that teaches you was doing it the hard way. And I'm talking seriously hard, to where they were teaching useless things and of course not even explaining what it was they were saying.
But thankfully a simple poster saved me from selling that violin, see the poster simply pointed out what not went where, all you had to do was look at the note and look where to put your fingers...easy peasy. Within an hour or 2 I could read music.

Well, anyway today I'm just bummed. I did get a skirt made and half another outfit, and I finished all but one applique on a pair of jeans, but for some reason I don't feel thrilled except for the fact I can possible get them all done and shipped by Friday, which would be nice because I think I need to take a break.

Maybe talk my hubby into finding some money somewhere to install a new central heat and air unit, because we are at the mercy of using a wood burning heater, which is nice and warm, and free!! but makes my house smell like smoke....ugh I'm sorry really really sorry, hubby is cheap and we are not rich enough to buy a unit for a 1800 sq ft house.

I so want to go hide in a hole till spring.

I'm not going to post any pics, unless I can locate something sad and depressing, but you know the drill, my links to what I have for sale are to the right. Etsy has kids clothes, ebay at the moment only has 1 listing for p90x, if you feel you want to do some fitness improvements....
Otherwise feel free to email me and chat, or whatnot, I've got all of 2 more minutes, cause American Idol is coming on, and I'm not going to miss it again...
Best wished and wish me luck!




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You better be a yellow and not the red!