January 23, 2010

One long continuous unbroken sentence moving from topic to topic so no one has a chance to interrupt it's really quite hypnotic.

Just thought you'd like to know this fun and twirly and absolutely too cute Valentine's patchwork skirt is on ebay and is really low in price right now and would love for you to check it out and bid because it is the only one of it's kind that is just like it and it is also the last one of its kind and would love to have a good home living with someone you love so feel free to CLICK HERE TO VISIT MY EBAY AUCTION AND GET IN ON THIS GREAT DEAL!!!


In other news, I'm on the hunt for some local models to do a photoshoot...you'd think this wouldn't be so difficult for me but alas it kinda is since this town is really small (and boring, btw) but if you live nearby Dunlap, TN or would like to drive out here to join in that'd be great! Looking for girls around ages 1 to 10ish and a few boys 2-6ish
Email me if you would like to be a part of it... landofjas@yahoo.com

As for some non exciting news, I'll be making some leprechaun clothing on Monday while I'm sitting idle at the kids school group, that is sure to be a conversation starter....lol.
Dang, I wish I had a laptop....

Got my awesome black chiffon in today too and will get those pics for the guitar skirt set made up soon enough, I hope, just depends how much I can get done tomorrow.
Though, I'm thinking these guitar sets would go great at the photoshoot.....ugh, I need to stop thinking and just start doing, doing, doing!!!

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