January 10, 2010

New changes!!

Well, I've decided (and don't hold me to this as my mind changes with how I feel, which happens to be constantly) to expand a bit.

First off I need to rework this blog and write more, post more pics, share more stuff that I do, even if I don't plan to sell it. Need a new picture too.....and here comes the "Dang I wish I could make graphics" saying that peals in my head every time I see such cool looking blogs or whatnot. Makes mine look so-so.

Well, anyways.....I'll get to that right after I finish everything else that seems to demand more of my attention, unless I forget or change my mind, or anything else happens that prevents me from doing such.
Of course I'm always making stuff...even if I end up throwing it away (because some things just don't match up compared to the vision I had of them in my high-def mind). My latest recent projects include making a freaky little leprechaun. Yes, a leprechaun, one of those green guys from Ireland that supposedly has gold.
I got this idea of his creation while visiting ChristmasTown at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA....blame Ireland Town and all that fancy celtic music (which I love by the way!)
So this leprechaun, the idea is to make it (well, the rest of it since I've already started!)....and sell it on Etsy...though I'm really hoping that it will make it's debut on Regretsy.com ...since it's going to end up as one of those whimsical *uckery's they seem to devour over there. And of course mr. leprechaun (who hasn't recieved his name yet) is anatomically correct ;)
Well, correct enough to get the idea, though the sewing craft was quite messy and unprofessional....so sue me.

So, going to sell that little guy and if not, I can tuck him away in the shed and one day when I have grandchildren, let them find it and tell them a fancy story I will surely hopefully remember by then about when I caught me a leprechaun.....

Really now, enough of my lame ranting, you want to hear about clothing? Right? Working on that too....posting stuff here and there, on etsy, ebay, facebook, and here. Browse around, as I won't post everything I list or made on every page I'm supposedly the operator of....I'm a stay-at-home-mom who works and homeschools...I don't have time for such fun (hahaha yeah right!) copy and paste on all these boards adventures....I'd much rather play bejeweled on facebook and rightfully make sure no one is ever able to think they could ever beat my score ;)

So go look for me everywhere!!!!

As for other projects, I'm planning on doing some room decor as well!!! Which is really exciting to me for some reason!! Can't wait to find something I can work with....that or talk hubby into getting me a scroll saw...which I will buy after income taxes if I can't find a cheap one before then....because I've got stuff to make!!!
One of those things you can't get out of your head until it's complete sorta things.....reminds me of a saying I read off one of Hobby Lobby's weekly newsletter ads a few weeks ago.... (yes, unfortunately I retain imformation off the most craziest sources!)
"Never give up on something you can't go one day without thinking about."....I can't remember who said it, but that was it (or close enough to it). Yeah, that's so me....and that's also why I feel like I'm going crazy, sinceI've got so much going on in my head, yet only so much time in the day to get it out!

hmmmm...want some pics? Let me go find some for your viewing pleasure.....though you know if you are browsing my stuff you will quickly find the link to my photo album HERE<<<<<<<<<<<<<---------------- ... see that wasn't hard LOL!

Go there or on etsy or ebay and buy something....I need to pay for my dog's vet bill...since he so kindly came home with a severed achilles tendon which had to be surgically sewn back together and you all know that's not cheap!
Well, enjoy and sorry if my long boring post was lame....you'll get over it :)
I'll post more stuff soon and enthuse you with more unamusing rants in the near future, along with pictures of some new aprons I've made for kids!!! Which by the way turned out freakin adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait!! Can't wait!!!!





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