January 15, 2010

OH NO!!!!

Okay, so the title reads...OH NO!!!!
If you're wondering what exactly that means, it's plainly the fact that I went to etsy.com
What's on etsy.com you ask, besides people's handmade junk...well, to put it simply....my addiction....- FABRIC!
So there I am simply looking for the rolls of nylon chiffon I need for a petti skirt. Along with the fact I like to stop by my favorites page to double check nothing was lost (I would freak out!!) since I love to look more than buy ;)
Well, I like to watch, and if I can't stop wanting it after so long I buy it kinda stuff, lol.
Anyway, back to the point. So I clicked on one of my favorited fabric listings to relook, and well, those little boxes on the left that shows what else the seller has showed me something else "neat" and so I went to there, so on and so forth and now I found at least another 5 prints I LOVE!!!! OMG!!!
I just can't seem to keep away from it, lol.
The only reason I haven't bought anything yet is the fact my paypal account only has maybe $15 left in it (which will be spent on shipping labels) So I have no money at the moment to spend on the "coolest fabrics ever" that I discovered today.

Then I had the thought of selling my "no longer that cool to me" fabrics, which in then turn I could buy the ones I LOVE!!!
Even if I sold 10 yards only to buy 5 that would be great!
So who wants fabric?!

I'm going to post pics tomorrow (unless I forget or don't get time to do it)
I need them gone, so they will be CHEAP!!!
Better yet if you like a print and want something made out of it, I can do that too, for CHEAP!!

Example 1- Cute pink flowery fabric $3 a yard or I can make you a twirl skirt out of it for only $10.
Example 2- Blue butterfly fabric $3 a yard or I can make you a peasant top for $10.
Example 3- Sparkly pink Skull fabric $3 a yard or I can make you a(input something here) for really CHEAP!!!
Use your imagination, as mine is already designing stuff for the fabric I don't have yet ;)

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