January 18, 2011

I got a brand new pair of roller skates.....

you've got a brand new key.....

BIG BIG plans, BIG BIG plans!!!!
Hahaha!!! So exciting!
I've just spent the last week slowly preparing for my BIG BIG project!!
I feel like one of those evil schemers in the cartoons who rub there hands together laughing menacingly...MUWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
BIG BIG plans are in the works for the future of ShadowDragon Dreams....and a possible new name?!! Maybe :)

I can't wait to get started on everything! There's going to be something for everyone! Awesome new sets, pieces, hair bows, and other boutique fun stuff! You are not going to want to miss this!
We'll be having giveaways, games, prizes, and adorable sets for this spring/summer and BIG BIG news for the rest of the year so long as everything cooperates with my BIG BIG plans!!

And best of all, everything will still be affordable! I'd never leave you guys in the dust by raising prices to ridiculous boutique prices, I want you to love my stuff and the prices too :)
And if ever you see something that is no longer at a sale price, don't hesitate to email me and ask for it cheaper ;) just be fair....because sometimes when it's $50 and some person asks to pay $10, it's really disrespectful...the materials alone cost more than that, and my time is as precious as yours. Play nice.

I'll chat with you all later! :)

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