December 21, 2010


Having a 9 year old daughter who cringes at the thought of 'dolls' really is no help to me. Dragons, wolves, and other man eating creature, yes, she's all for it, but dolls...not a chance.

So there are these doll called Lalaloopsy dolls. I think they are adorable (and if I ever had another little girl to spoil, she would certainly have them all.) Anyway, me being at the tail end of the famous toy train, I figured I might just make a set or 2 of lalaloopsy.

Now what bothers me is that, all the other designers already beat me to it like 6 months ago, lol. Yeah, and I just recently looked into them, and I hate the fact that I'm slow at getting info....but anyway.....

I've talked myself into making 2 sets....and that's it. Yeah, so I will get them modeled and resell the modeled sets, but of course I will take customs as well for a very very very limited time.
Maybe only offering a few customs each, so I'm hoping they'll sell quickly ;)

But since I really like having fun and playing games with my great customers.....I will be taking pre-orders on these sets now until Christmas day. All you have to do to reserve a set is email me at
You are free to change your mind later of course, in case you don't like it :( but I want to give my bestest customers first dibs.

In your email post "Lala Reserve" in the title so I don't accidentally delete it.
When the sets are completed and modeled you will get an email with the pictures before I even post them on facebook!! LOL! How fun would that be and you will be able to order them at a discount ;)

Yeah, you're my bestest buds for sure!

Talk to you soon!

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