December 17, 2010

End of the year update!

I can't even begin to tell you how hectic it has been over the past month and a half! Orders out the ying yang! But don't get me wrong, I love having orders, just I really miss time, like time with my kids, family, relaxing, sleep, you know, those sort of things that are under pressure while I'm sewing because 'it has to be mailed out by Monday' sort of things!

I did still manage to get the homeschooling done, although I would bet they had a very smooth sailing month in November! The house managed to at least retain the ability to be walked through (with the exception of my sewing room). And I didn't miss an episode of Survivor (which is quite amazing!).

But now, it's December, all my orders are completed and I'm on the mindset to avoid any oncoming custom requests until January. Things are going great.

I have all but my son's bedroom cleaned thus far. Me and my houseplants had a fun spa session yesterday, so now instead of drooping and looking depressed, they are finally watered and primped. I'm sorry little guys, I know you you've been through worse ;)

My sewing room is immaculate, and I'm working on getting a new cabinet and counter to go in there!! I tried my hand at bread making...the rolls came out fine, but the loaves...hmmm well, Nature's Own Premium Bread now has a lifelong friend. And I feel like painting, which is great, because I have this painting I started about 2 years ago for my hubby (and it's still not finished) so looks like I will be able to get that hopefully of my to do list by the end of the year.

So tomorrow will be shopping, next weekend, Christmas, the next weekend I'll be going to a wedding...then and only then.......the good stuff!!!!

So what exactly is the good stuff??
Let me elaborate....

I have Dr. Suess fabrics.....

I have Valentine fabrics.....

I have time.....

I have inspiration.....

I have models lined up for pictures.....

I like to make money.....

And I'm nice, so not only will there be premade ready to ship sets available, there will also be customs, ooaks, pre-orders, sales, ....and maybe if we're lucky, a giveaway.

Oh, did I mention the good stuff?.....

Don't forget about the awesome prices!!! Yeah, the kind you just can't pass up, those kind. The kind even I would pay if I had a little girl or boy (who still was too young to complain about what they are wearing anyway! Lol)

Did I mention something about Disney?

What about Easter.....hmmm I better be quite now before I get into trouble sharing too many surprises ;) yes, there's more to come...shhhhhh

So in the meantime, I need you all to be on the lookout at my facebook page HERE---->>>> MY FACEBOOK FAN PAGE
For news and updates, sneak peeks, sales, and giveaways!
Also be sure to check out some customer shares while you are there, there are some sets you guys haven't even seen on there!!

Who's excited?

I AM !!!!!! :D

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