June 14, 2010

What's happening in the world of CHAOS....

Well, let's see what's in the news...
Besides the fact I'm right in the middle of making a custom dress, I'm in the process of packing and organizing before I leave on vacation. Just seems it takes twice as long to prepare than it used to...why?!
Used to be possible to pack and prepare within a few hours and now it takes about 2 days, lol.
Maybe I'm just getting slow, or lazy, or my mind is assuming some of these preparations are important, I don't know.

So it's starting to look like that the one dress I'm working on will have to wait till I get back unfortunately, that is unless tomorrow ends up being super productive and everything easily goes together without trouble. (hey, but what fun would that be!)

Otherwise when I get back, I first thought I'd start on fall and back to school sets, but I'm afraid I will be extending my absence. I will still sew...at leisure and probably be able to make some ooak sets, but I will not have any customs besides The Beatles set I will have when it gets made that is :)
We will be tearing out the roof of part of our living room, so that will need more attention, and then we are redoing the front porch too, along with other misc. projects I'm tired of delaying (after all the wood is sitting in the front yard now and we can't have that!

Want pics of some new sets, please check out my facebook page HERE
Or my photo album HERE
there's plenty to look at, and bunches of Toy Story sets too!

Anyway, if anyone else wants a custom set, they can still email me anytime at landofjas@yahoo.com , but just so everyone knows I'm not going to list any customs unless I get really bored or broke (whichever comes first) both are likely to happen when you are waiting for your hubby to do his part of a project before you can do yours, and/or you realize you forgot all about still having to purchase extra materials you forgot about. LOL it's all good though.
I'll be awol for a few weeks probably, so check my facebook fan page if you want to know what's going on...which will most likely be nothing.

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