March 29, 2010

The never-ending cycle!

Well, my vacation is certainly over, lol. Funny thing is the last day I got bombarded with requests, and when I reactivated my etsy account I sold like 3 sets :)
But that its a good thing!
I managed to get my sewing room painted a pretty light blue and get my fabrics semi-organized....yeah, semi....I really need to use up a lot of them, which I will do as soon as possible....
Which basically means when I'm done with these orders that just came in, and when I'm done making the Graduates Enchanted launch set, and when I'm done making the sets for BWILD's launch too.
Then I can make the rest, lol.

It seems like a LOT!, but I know that once June gets here, orders will come to a complete stop except for a few requests here and there and I can lay out in the sun and work in my garden all summer, just before the hectic, ridiculous, psychotic season of Grinch and Santa fabrics put me in an induced sewing coma of the Christmas season!
It's all good though :) serious fun right there!

Of course in the midst of all the fabrics and emails, we are still working on the house, which includes redoing the living room ceiling, finally putting the molding and trim upstairs, possibly a front porch if finances will allow, and if I can't talk my hubby out of it, a new garage...well, a garage to take the place of the shed, because the motorcycle and lawn mower won't fit in the shed with all the tools and junk we have stored in it.
We also have to manage to fit in the family activities, like the Renn Fest (can't miss that!) a trip to Virginia (yay!) a balloon ride if I can re-locate the info on it (that should be fun) a few camping/hiking/boating trips (hopefully somewhere new) and other small cheap fun junk that we plan on the spur of the moment (always turns out fun, yet expensive!) and maybe, just maybe, I will not pay off a bill and instead take off to somewhere warm and sunny, with clear blue ocean waters...yeah, that'd be nice......ahhh. pics, I'm saving them for the weekend...when hopefully I'll have that set done!

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Anonymous said...

I like your outfits and I look at your site every now and then just to see what you come up with next. I also sew for my six grand kids but not anything that takes as much work as you put into your outfits. Just wanted you to know they are great!!!