March 17, 2010


Just finishing up the last orders and then off to get some real work done!

Including (but not nearly the majority) cleaning, which this house severely needs. Organizing, which this house severely requires. Painting, which must get done before it gets warm outside. Plans, which I need before I can buy supplies for our construction project(s) (or if you will, deconstruction). Shopping...because really if you put in all the work to get the house ...let's say, more finished, you need new stuff to make it worth it, correct :)

Then the long, painful task of completing and crossing out the items on our "things that need done" list.....Mind you this list had over 94 item on it, lol. But only about 75 are important.
Anyone willing to come work is more than welcomed.

Now for the sewing...First off, I will only be making the stuff I already signed up to do (what was I thinking!) then will only have ooaks (one of a kind sets) available for the first part of April. Then maybe if I feel up to it I will list only a limited amount of customs (besides the one set I will only have one custom available)
That one is an enchanted forest set. All knit fabrics, and I really hope it comes out well. But it will be more than what I usually charge (but then again, it will have more on it than I usually make...sooo)

So in the end, when the house looks taken care of, I might have time to finish book 2 I've been writing, play on my assortment of instruments more, and build some furniture. Yeah, good times.
Oh, and maybe work on my new expenditure!!! Though I'll need a scroll saw first...hmmm.

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