June 21, 2011

Taking off so I can take off!

Well....I've been thinking.
More like I've been thinking again, since I keep returning to the thought all the time! (for a year or two, btw.)
The thought...is....
I am to the point where I no longer want to work on custom sets any longer.

Now, this does not mean I will not have something you want! On the contrary, I may have plenty you want, probably more so that the usual. And this also does not mean I will not have something just like another ready to ship in your size. I in fact will have your size. In fact it may look similar to or exactly like the first picture you saw. So you are not left out. Nope, not at all.
The point is, I can make outfits much better, much awesomer, much bodaciously cooler than ever....so long as I work at my own pace, without having to fill this order and that order, and those, oh, and that one to.

And this means, a no waiting period, unless you need it altered a bit (like the waist taken in a bit, or something easy) and really now, waiting 1 day is not as bad as having to wait 3 weeks when I am booked to the ceiling with orders ahead of yours.

I have given up my time and energy (and sanity) to fill orders in a timely manner, but I would rather make them all first, then you decide what you want to pay for them. I really hate sewing when I 'HAVE TO' do it (because it's been paid for.)
I love sewing when I can just create, I 'WANT TO' do it then.
It's most likely that what I create when I'm feeling free and happy will be by far more outstanding than any custom set I have offered before (except for that Mrs. Pacman set, I wanted to make that for so long! So it was one of my free loving sets!)
Not only will you get a set now, not only will you get it at a nice price, but I think adding some fun and pizazz to my orders will make you want to come back again and again. Not only because of quality boutique clothing, but because free loving sets bring out happiness in all of us. Me for making it without stress, you for getting it at a great price, and your adorable kids for getting to enjoy every bit of uniqueness that each set will embrace.

I still think I will be able to do some of my fabric destash OOAK Custom Sales, as those are usually small items I can make rather quickly, and I know you all love the pricing on those ;)
Possibly occasionally when times are slow I will have limited windows for ordering a custom set of any previous design (that I can offer a custom on) but the orders will have to be limited to 5-10 depending on the designs. And the pricing will be more than what the original premade set was. As you would be paying for more material, my time, and my sanity as well.
That probably sounds mean, but I want to be able to offer every part of me that can create for you, and when I get too much on my plate, I feel we all are getting jipped. I lose time, my family loses time with me, you lose since you will not be getting my happiness, and in turn the outfit loses because I made it without love. I think each design should have love. So it can bring love and happiness to me and you and your precious kids.

Now, what do I mean by a price you want?
Here's how I am planning on it working out, though please don;t hold me to it, it's only a thought right now.
When I post an outfit or item, I will list it at what I think it may be worth as far as materials and time making it. Whoever agrees to that price will get it. If it doesn't sell within a certain TBD time, I will lower the price or takes bids on it. If it still doesn't sell, I will post it on Etsy for the a little more than original price. I want to give my facebook buds first dibs and even better deals, so this plan may work out. We shall see.

Anyway, if you are in need of a custom set (one you need for something that I haven't ever made) I would still be interested to make it for you, as I like making new sets rather than remaking old sets!

Also, I am not sure if it would be financially wise to have premade ooak sets modeled, unless I can get it done locally, since I'll be losing out time and money, and outfits, so I hope my poor mannequin will suffice on most items. I do still plan on modeling a few of the sets that I will have multiple sizes available on though (mainly fall and holiday sets....maybe) just depends how it all works out by the time I have them made up.
I hope having it just pictured will not make you think it is any less quality than a modeled set. Just that I lose shipping costs and a whole set each time I send out sets to be modeled, not to mention a few times I have to wait weeks for pics, or worse when the model moms don't return sets afterward they didn't pay for or return them 3 months later....it really pisses me off. I have a few really great models and moms who do outstanding work and are a pleasure to work with though, but I think sticking with them far outweighs finding more to fill in the gaps like I would need to do if I were just going to do customs again.

Yeah, sorry for my rant, just want you all to know I love doing business with you all, but I need to change up how I do it, so we all get the better end of the stick!

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