May 24, 2009

Some upcoming changes....

Just updating everyone on some upcoming changes.
#1 - Anything I list will only be found on ebay. I will no longer be using etsy or myspace store unless some unforeseen circumstance forces me to.
#2 - The auctions I have listed this week...ending in a day an a half....will be the last of my custom auctions until September for Christmas sets.
#3 - If anyone wants custom items, they will need to request it through email or any listing I have up, I will not be listing any customs until the holiday season.
#4 - I will no longer be offering free shipping, unless you are a return customer and do not require that I set up a private auction. Ebay is is the postal service.
#5 - Everything I do list between now and September will all be one of a kind items. Pre-made outfits ranging from 18 months to 8, girls and boys. Most likely none of them will be able to be recreated. I will post here when I list them.

There will be some more 'news' when I have everything in place, but this is it for now. :)

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