January 13, 2009

Need your requests!

Alright, time to move forward and give out some great deals!
Besides the odd and end themes I will be doing this year, I would love to get your input on what type of Disney outfits you would love to see.
These can be one of a kind sets made for the size(s) you need that will be listed on ebay or etsy starting at $19.99, or these can be custom items you would love to have made just for your little prince or princess!

I have some Disney Princess sets in the works, along with Lion King, Shrek, and Bolt.
Let me know what you would love to see or have and I would be glad to create some unique designs for you all.

If you are wanting something like Peter Pan or Tinkerbell, let me know what sizes you are interested in and I can make one of a kind sets. These will be listed starting at $19.99!!!
ALL customs will start at $50 no matter how much of a pain it is to make!!!
Because the only thing better than finding what you're looking for, is finding what you weren't looking for at a great bargain!...(Uncle Iroh)

Okay really though, I have more fun making stuff people want than making other stuff and hoping it sells.

Email me people, tell me what you want!!! landofjas@yahoo.com
Tell me the theme/character and size you would like to have it available in in case I only make 1.
Boys and Girls set ideas are welcomed.

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